Speak Into My Good Eye’s Top 50 Albums Of 2014

"Whether the theme is intentional or an after effect of this Long Branch-based songstress’ head space, time is certainly of the essence on Leave Your Ghosts Behind.

Tara Dente emerged as one of the Jersey Shore’s premier songwriters in 2014 with her latest full-length release, and it’s album worthy of the greatest compliment I know how to pay to an artist, in that her music not only made me think, but contemplate my position in this existence. Is it healthy to regret? No. Is it useful to wither away? Absolutely not. Then why do it, when life marches on?

It’s a question posed on the album’s opening salvo “The One Thing”, and though the song – as are all of Dente’s works – is acoustic and humble in demeanor on the surface, it’s the message which leaves an impact crater at the listener’s core. In a way Leave Your Ghosts Behind is an emotional farewell letter to the community Dente is leaving – she really is moving to Vermont – as much as it is a warning to cherish the time you have and not allow yourself to stagnate.

It’s a message well received, and bit of advice that is appreciated."

- Chris Rotolo